Financial Planning

Cash for Structured Settlements
Helps sellers avoid unwanted harassment from dishonest funding companies. They offer an exclusive bidding system that lets customers sell their structured settlement, annuity or lottery prize to the highest bidder. - Listing details
Simple Savings Calculator
This site provides calculators that allow you to test the performance of a potential savings plan. You can see the interest you will earn or the future value of your savings. You can also look at how your savings will prepare you for retirement. - Listing details
Advice for people in debt or facing bankruptcy in the UK. Includes details on how to apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement also known as an IVA. - Listing details
Scottish Trust Deed
This site provides advice on Trust Deeds which are the Scottish equivalent of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and are often described as a more informal arrangement to bankruptcy or sequestration. - Listing details
Credit counseling
Struggling with debt? Then find out how debt consolidation and credit counseling can help organize your debts into one monthly payment, helping to reduce or eliminate interest charges, from the experts at Consolidated Credit. - Listing details
Compare Savings Accounts
Savings Account Finder is a free savings account comparison and application service dedicated to helping Australians find the most competitive savings deals on the market. Compare a range of savings accounts and term deposits to find the best interest rate and account features for your savings. - Listing details
Canadian Financial Blog
Personal financial blog, discussing debt and economic problems all North Americans face. - Listing details
Refinance Rates
Learn how to refinance a mortgage by looking at local mortgage rate trends and averages, refinancing calculator, and great online rates for mortgage refinancing loans. - Listing details
Refinance Calculator
Learn how to refinance a mortgage at the Resources include a refinancing calculator, local mortgage rate trends and averages, and other current news and information. - Listing details
Auto loan calculator from Compare by amount, term, and interest rate for monthly car loan and auto loan payments. - Listing details
Auto loan calculator from Compare by amount, term, and interest rate for monthly car loan and auto loan payments. - Listing details
Trust Deeds
Help and advice on Scottish Trust Deeds. See hoe you can become debt free in 36 months and write off up to 90% of what you cannot afford to repay with a Trust Deed. Free advice. - Listing details - Debt Help
Get started with debt management today and learn how you can create a plan to pay off your debts. Don't drown under debt any longer, start knocking it out today. - Listing details
Independent Investment Advisor | Rhoads Lucca Capital
Fee-only independent investment advisors - providing independent investment advice and retirement investing to high net worth individuals - using livable wealth management strategies and survivor assistance. - Listing details
Financial Calculators
Free financial calculators and advice on financial planning concerning mortgages, car loans, credit cards, investing, retirement planning, and more, including free financial worksheets. - Listing details
Pension Plan - Standard Life
Find pensions solutions from Standard life. - Listing details
Rate Rush Financial
Rate Rush publishes frequent financial news and advice. Topics include personal finance, retirement, credit cards, insurance, debt management, mortgages, and more. - Listing details
Trust Deed
Provides information and guides on Scottish Trust Deeds. - Listing details
Credit Repair Reviews
Find out how various credit repair companies rate with the BBB. - Listing details
Debt Help UK
Provides consumer information and guidance to help individuals struggling with mounting debts. - Listing details
Debt Management
Debt Management could be the answer that you are looking for if you are struggling with debt problems. Unlike debt consolidation, a debt management plan won't increase your total level of debt but instead, could actually reduce your overall debts. - Listing details
Financial Advice in Nottingham
David Burnell Financial Services are independent financial advisors offering financial advice throughout Nottinghamshire including mortgages, pensions, investment, life assurance / critical illness and more. - Listing details
Managed Funds
Provides access to tools and independent research on managed investments, as well as fee for service financial planning. - Listing details
Debt Settlement
Seeking professional help and information on your outstanding debts? See us today. - Listing details
Help with Credit Cards
Looking for help with debt problems? Let assist you in learning the benefits of each type of program so you can make an educated financial decision when choosing what is best for you. - Listing details
Barclays Wealth Management
Find out more about managing your wealth with Barclays Wealth unique and individually tailored wealth management services - Listing details


Almost everyone would agree that one of the best ways to generate income is to invest a sum of money in the financial markets. Unfortunately however, not everyone has the knowledge or skill in financial market investing. This is why the services of planning experts are essential in making it successfully in the financial market.

Most financial experts are well-equipped with the right knowledge and background on money market instruments. They are excellent sources of financial advice, and they can easily spot the advantages and disadvantages of a specific investment type. When it comes to successful long-term planning, you need to hire reliable financial planners.

If you are an investor, it is important that you disclose your current financial status to your financial advisor. This will allow your financial consultant to find a financial plan that will match your unique requirements.

As an investor, you need to be well-aware of your financial requirements first of all. This is the first important step before actually hiring a financial consultant to assist you in your investments. While financial planners can provide excellent suggestions, it is still up to the investor to heed that advice or not.

Making the right decisions in financial investments can be rather tricky and complex, so you need expert knowledge at hand. Financial consultants can be relied on if you are in need of informative and valuable financial planning recommendations.
The main reason why people acquire the assistance of financial planners is that it becomes easier for them to make financial decisions. The assistance of financial experts is essential in making sound financial moves in the investment market.

Getting a financial planner will help you make smart financial decisions, which will lead you into successful money market investments.

However, you need to have a financial plan at hand, even before seeking to find the assistance of a financial planner. You also need to determine which financial strategies are ideal for your needs and your goals.

It is also highly important that you choose a financial professional you can truly rely on. Since you will be disclosing some sensitive financial information, you need to find someone you can trust on.

You need to find financial plans which suit your goals as well as the life stage you are currently working in. Through the help of a financial planner, you will be assisted in your retirement plans as well as your other financial objectives.

It is essential that you go for financial planners with the right certifications. Excellent planners need to get the needed certification from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in the U.S.

As long as you know which financial goals you are headed for, as well as in finding the planner right for you, financial investment success won’t be too far behind.
In any business, finance relates to the provision of funds deemed necessary for the enterprise, specifically in a way that aims to achieve its targeted objectives. Business finance caters to the means in getting the right funds, as well as the efficient utilization of the procured funds for the business. The necessary functions include financial planning, cash disbursement and receipt forecasting, funds allocation, and effective financial control. While planning is not an attempt to make forecasts on the future, it helps identify the most effective course of action, given the current circumstances. Through financial planning, you can evaluate the financing options available and to make the right choices.

Planning is achieved through sales and costs projections given in a specific period, and also necessitates an estimate of profits for the long-term. However if you want your company to grow, you need to have long-term financial planning. Financial planning involves the identification of objectives as well as the successful utilization of funds.

If your business has surplus cash, it can be used as investment in securities that produce income. Through financial planning, you can effective control investments as well as evaluate the achieved results. It also helps you determine on whether a certain specific program is feasible, given the situation that your business is in.