How to Raise a Healthy Child

Parenting is such a hard job for many reasons! One of these reasons is definitely the fact that you have to watch what your child eats and how much they exercise, trying to keep them healthy while instilling in them a love for their healthy body.
1. Healthy Food
A balanced diet is far more important than [...]

ADD and ADHD in Children

Have you ever wondered why your child is hyperactive and restless? Most children are like this, but in some cases, your child might actually be afflicted with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These disorders are quite common in school-aged children, and some say even over-diagnosed. Nevertheless, if your child seems [...]

Children’s Headaches: Causes and Treatment

When your child begins rubbing her temples or complaining of head pain, it’s easy and natural to get worried and rush to the doctor. Don’t be too quick, however: headaches have a variety of causes, some of which require quick treatment and others which don’t.
Symptoms and Causes
Like adults, children get headaches like migraines, tension headaches, [...]

Anti-Bullying Techniques to Teach Your Child

One of the most distressing things for a parent to go through is watching his or her child being bullied. Bullying can cause severe harm to the mental health of your child, and if you suspect your child is being bullied, you can take action. There are anti-bullying techniques that you can teach your child [...]

Unusual Exercise Options for Your Child

When you’re teaching your child to stay fit by enrolling her in some form of exercise, you probably know already that there are a good number of “traditional” sports to enroll her in — soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and so on. The exact sports offered usually vary depending on your region, but you’re probably [...]

When is Your Child Sick Enough to Stay Home from School?

One of the hardest decisions to make as a parent is whether to keep your child home from school when he is sick. The line between not that sick and too sick is hard to draw, particularly when juggling childcare and work demands at the same time.
If your child is coughing or wheezing, he will [...]

When Your Child Gets Lice

One of the most common, yet dreaded, infections among school-aged children is lice. The dread many parents of schoolchildren feel about lice is not due to their danger, but their contagiousness and the sheer annoyance they cause.
Signs of Lice Infection
They are tiny insects that are extremely easily spread between kids, generally through close body contact [...]

Your Juvenile Diabetic Child

Although nowadays called Type 1 Diabetes, the disease sometimes called juvenile diabetes is most frequently diagnosed in children under 18. If you find yourself parenting a juvenile diabetic, there are things you will have to learn.
First of all, diabetes is a lifelong condition, without a cure as of yet. With proper management, however, diabetes should [...]

What You Need to Know about Children’s Asthma

One of the most common health problems that affects children is asthma, with approximately five to ten percent of children suffering from it. As a parent of a child under 18, you need to be aware of the symptoms, as it’s possible your child is currently suffering from it.
The symptoms of asthma include repeated coughing [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Scabies

One of the most worrying diagnoses for a parent to receive is “scabies”. It’s natural to feel distressed and ashamed, but scabies are not caused by poor hygiene. They are spread very easily by proximity to someone with scabies, so the condition spreads rapidly between children.
The mites that spread scabies are transmitted onto your child’s [...]

Your Options for Flexible Work Weeks

Many working parents dread the work week. Doing nine to five, Monday to Friday, makes it difficult to schedule the kids’ health appointments and creates hassles with getting them to after-school activities, among other problems. For these reasons, working parents often seek more flexible work weeks. In response, accommodating employers have developed several common mechanisms [...]

Working From Home to Parent Too

Working from home can seem like an incredibly tempting prospect. Many new working parents catch themselves thinking things like, “If I worked from home, I could take care of my kids at work and have the best of both worlds!” There are important realities about the work-at-home life that you need to understand before you [...]

When One Parent Works: Negotiating With Your Family

Few situations are prone to causing more family and marital stress than when one parent works and the other stays at home. Both parents feel like they are under greater pressure, and both voice this out… which leads to conflict. Is this avoidable? The answer is a resounding “yes!”, luckily for all the single-income families [...]

When Maternity Leave is Over

The prospect of returning from weeks, months, or sometimes years of maternity leave can be overwhelming! You might begin wondering about reconnecting with your former coworkers, business contacts, and boss, the company policies related to kids that you didn’t have to worry about before, and how your child will handle the transition.
Finding a good daycare [...]

Take Your Kids to Work Day

When you’re a working parent and your child has never even visited your office or place of work, it’s hard to communicate to them what exactly you do and why you are never home during the day. One of the best ways for your child to understand what you do all day is to actually [...]

Running a Family When Both Parents Work

This economy demands a two-income family, and for many families across the nation, that’s exactly what they have to do to run the family. Unfortunately, parenting when both adults in the household have careers can also be a challenge.
1. Encourage communication
When both parents work, a child can begin to feel like he isn’t worthy of [...]

Parenting as a Business Traveler

Many working parents are required to travel for business, forcing them to make a choice between working and parenting. When this happens to you, there are two main options: leave the kids behind and parent long-distance, or bring them along. Each choice has pros and cons, and no answer is right for every family.
Long-Distance Parenting
If [...]

How to Stay in Touch With Your Child’s Teacher

For a busy working parent, the prospect of staying in touch with your child’s teacher can seem terrifying and perhaps impossible. It’s true that it’s probably impossible to keep track of every little detail and piece of homework, but it’s important to keep in touch with your kid’s teacher, who know how he acts out [...]

After Five PM: Parenting Tips

Any working parent knows that free time is a precious commodity. You want as much of it as possible, and balancing the demands of a job and a family can be exhausting. Some parents cope by hiring a host of nannies and babysitters, dropping their kids off at daycare, and ignoring their offspring whenever possible. [...]

How to Avoid Guilt as a Working Parent

Working parents’ guilt, both for mothers and father, can be hard to deal with. No matter how hard you work to secure your family’s future and keep it running in the present, it can feel impossible to rid yourself of those little pangs of guilt that keep trying to insist to you that you could [...]

A Guide to Baby’s First Checkup

Your new baby is due for his or her first checkup within two to four weeks of birth. Frequent checkups during this time will not just give you peace of mind that your baby is okay, but also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have, and seek help for yourself if [...]

Avoid These Common New Parenting Mistakes

Being a new parent is both intimidating and exciting. On the one hand, it can be thrilling to see your baby growing by leaps and bounds, but on the other hand, you worry about “what if”s — what if you do something wrong or end up being a bad parent?
Relax and take a deep breath! [...]

Baby Safety: Childproofing Your Car and Home

New parents often worry (sometimes excessively) about their baby’s safety. It’s a good idea to prepare your home as much as possible before the baby is born so you have one less thing to worry about when the big day arrives and it’s time to bring your baby home!
Home Safety
The ideal time to think about [...]

Communicating With Your Baby

It is common knowledge that babies will not begin to speak for a long while! Until your baby acquires basic language skills, trying to deduce what’s wrong can be stressful and frustrating.
Babies can begin to learn sign language at a very early age, but around six months old, they begin to really notice sign language. [...]

First-Time Fathers

Congratulations! One way or another — whether through adoption, your girlfriend or wife’s pregnancy, or marrying into the role of a dad, you have become a father for the first time. It can be a scary experience, especially since most of your male friends are probably unsure how to take care of a kid, either. [...]

Helping Siblings Love Your New Baby

One of the greatest challenges a child can face is the addition of a younger sibling to their family. If they are old enough to understand the implications a new child will have on their family, it can be a worrying experience and lead to sibling rivalry, jealousy, and sometimes childish pettiness. You can anticipate [...]

How to Avoid Postpartum Depression

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, drained, and depressed rather than elated about finally building your own family with the help of your relatives and friends, you might be suffering from postpartum depression.
While nobody has yet discovered a way to avoid postpartum depression for sure, you can minimize the risk of developing it, and help [...]

How to Get Sleep When You’re a New Parent

Living with a newborn baby is almost always an exhausting experience. Most babies are needy round-the-clock for at least the first three months in their life, and parents suffer through losing hundreds of hours of sleep as a result.
First of all, make your habits as healthy as possible. Eat a balanced diet, and avoid alcohol [...]

Transitioning to Childcare

The transition to childcare is difficult for both parents and children. You might not be sure about leaving your baby with a stranger, while your baby prefers you to strangers and is sad to see you leave.
First of all, be sure you take as much time as you can to research childcare. You might already [...]

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

The advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding your new baby have been laid out and debated over for quite some time now. Some of the benefits of breastfeeding are clearer than others, however.
For Baby
The advantages of breastfeeding for your baby are:
1. Customized for Your Baby
It’s impossible to find baby food that is so customized to your [...]

Summer Family Fun

School’s out, the most seasonable months of the year are here, and your kids are complaining of boredom. This is the perfect chance to plan some summer family fun!
1. Parks and Recreation
Your municipal Parks and Recreation department probably has sports classes, art lessons, and other types of activities that your entire family can participate in [...]

How to Successfully Travel With Your Family

When you’re going on a vacation with your family, it can be an intimidating prospect. Memories of bad vacations may have already arisen in your mind, but don’t worry; you can plan a successful family vacation with a little effort.
Make sure your entire family agrees with the destination you have in mind. Whether you’re traveling [...]

How to Plan Memorable Family Picnics


Of all the activities for a sunny summer afternoon, a picnic is one of the most fun things to try. Yet without the proper preparation, it can be a drag to be the one stuck planning and trying to execute a successful picnic! A little careful forethought will make your picnic not just successful, but [...]

How to Make Your Next Road Trip Fun

More and more families are choosing to forego the airport security lineups and take road trips on their family outings, just like you might have done as a kid. Along with increased savings and more chance to explore parts of your country that you have never seen, road trips have disadvantages. The infamous line “Are [...]

How to Buy an RV for Your Family

For a family looking to camp, travel together, and avoid cramped tents and bug bites, an RV can seem like the perfect investment.
It’s important to make the decision to buy an RV carefully, however. Involve the opinions of everyone who will be traveling in the RV, including the kids, and don’t choose an RV immediately.
First, [...]

Family Vacation Destinations: Africa and Asia

If you have some extra money and time, a family vacation to a totally new destination can be a life-changing experience, or at least a chance to relax and reconnect with your family members. Africa and Asia are less traditional family vacation destinations than places like Europe or the tropics, but there are still family-friendly [...]

Five Activities to Make Family Time Fun

When you’re a parent, it’s hard to think of activities to keep your kids entertained all the time. Many parents resort to hiring nannies or having TV nights with their kids instead. While a little television won’t harm your children, you could be missing out on a great chance to bond with your kids and [...]

Family Camping Trips on a Budget

Do you have fond memories of your childhood like pitching tents in the woods, cooking beans over a campfire, watching wildlife, and lying awake at night, gazing at the stars? If not, do you wish you’d had the opportunity to do so?
Camping is a great, bonding family experience, and it’s inexpensive! Some campgrounds with many [...]

Cruises for the Whole Family

After all the stress of work or parenting, it can be tempting to get away by yourself on a cruise, but don’t pass up this opportunity to bond with your kids and have a fun family vacation! Having a relaxing vacation with your kids along is indeed possible, and it will be a great experience [...]

Cheap Activities for the Whole Family

As a parent, you probably already know that family time is important. Few things are more satisfying than a successful evening out with your family when everyone comes back with a big smile, but it can be hard to keep that smile when you’re thinking about how much thinner your wallet now is. Luckily, there [...]

Your Teen and the Internet


In this age, nearly everyone uses the internet at some point. Businesses rely on it, individuals work and play on it, and teenagers seem to live on it!
The internet has many uses, including email, socializing, working, browsing websites, reading news, shopping, and playing games or videos. Everyday tasks are made simpler by the internet, which [...]

Teens and Eating Disorders


The media and society have unhealthy views on what beauty is and isn’t. Unfortunately for many teens, this can lead to significant pressure to conform to unrealistic standards through changing their natural eating patterns.
Eating disorders primarily affect young women, but young men can also be affected, and are less likely to be spotted or diagnosed [...]

Teen Sexuality: Your Little Kid All Grown Up?


One of the hardest conversations for a parent to have with their teen is one about sex. Its famously awkward nickname of “the conversation” and the sheer fact that most teens don’t want to talk to their parents about sex can make this even harder. However, in spite of how difficult it can be, it [...]

Teen Depression and Suicide


One of the saddest things in the world is a parent’s grief over losing their child. It can be all too easy for parents to think their teens are just fine, when they’re actually at serious risk for committing suicide. Fortunately, you can help prevent your teen from attempting suicide by paying close attention to [...]

Talking to Your Teen About Drugs


When you’re parenting a teen, it’s easy to see all the pressures he’s under in his daily life. Not only are there stresses from school, sometimes a part-time job, and extracurricular activities, but his friends are often a source of peer pressure. This shouldn’t always be a source of alarm — peer pressure can be [...]

How to Tell if Your Teen is in Trouble


How do you tell the difference between a normal uncommunicative teen and one who’s in trouble and at risk for eating disorders, drug problems, violence, depression, suicide, and so on?
It may seem like an impossible task, but if you know your teen and are searching for problem signs, you probably already have an idea whether [...]

How to Get Your Teen to Eat Healthy


Does it seem like every time you see your teen, he’s munching on potato chips, sipping soda, or eating McDonald’s fries?
Junk food is such a big part of modern life that many teens get caught up in eating it and forget the healthy eating habits you tried to instill in them when they were kids. [...]

How to Communicate With Your Teen


For many parents, as their teens grow older, it becomes harder and harder to communicate with them. It seems like they’re isolated and barely talk to you, only leaving their room to go out with their friends or have meals. Privacy becomes very important for teens, and they seem to stop listening to what their [...]

Helping Your Teen Through College Admissions


One of the hardest parts of being a parent is letting your child have more independence. When your teen is getting ready to apply to college, your natural instinct might be to worry and try to hold onto him a bit longer. It’s important not to do this, however. Try to be there for your [...]

Do Video Games Hurt Your Teen?


It seems like the phrase “video game violence” is bandied about in the media every day now. Video games have taken the blame for incidents of teen violence in recent years, from systemic gang violence to one-of tragedies like Columbine.
Yet in this “media panic”, a media-induced hysteria about something that actually isn’t as negative as [...]