Working From Home to Parent Too

Working from home can seem like an incredibly tempting prospect. Many new working parents catch themselves thinking things like, “If I worked from home, I could take care of my kids at work and have the best of both worlds!” There are important realities about the work-at-home life that you need to understand before you [...]

How to use the Internet when shopping for a Home

Are you in the process of shopping for a home? If so, using the internet is something you want to think about. In fact, most people in today’s world are using the internet to find and buy the home of their dreams – there is no reason that you should avoid this. That being said, [...]

Top 10 Work at Home Jobs

Maybe you want to work online, or maybe you’re just curious what all the fuss is about work at home jobs. Either way, many people are curious what kind of jobs are available working at home. Here are some of the top jobs!
Maintaining and updating an online job might not sound like hard work, but [...]

Bathroom Decorating Tips

Are you the type of person who never really knows how to decorate a bathroom? Many homeowners feel this way because a bathroom is not exactly a gathering space. That being said, it needs to be made as nice as possible. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom and enjoy the space when everything [...]

Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt

Too much credit card debt can affect your credit score, since 30% of your score considers the amount of your credit card balances. Not only will credit card debt affect your credit, it also affects your entire finance life. Credit card debt can keep you from putting money toward retirement, paying off your home, or [...]

How to Socialize Your Homeschooled Children

It’s the first question your mother asks when you tell her that you’re homeschooling the children, and the first thing the alarmed grandmother who asks why your children aren’t in school and hears that they are homeschooled will say to you. “What about socialization?” you hear, and have to resist groaning.
The idea is an integral [...]

Five Qualities of a Good Goal

When setting a goal you need to know what you are doing. In other words, you don’t want to throw something out there and hope it sticks. Your goal should be well thought out, and suited to what you are trying to accomplish.
Here are five qualities of a good goal:
1. Specific. Your goal should be [...]